domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

I Promise I'm Trying

I'm not really sure if my words make sense to you but I can't really find any other way to form these feelings into cubes and sort them in my mind 

The negative thoughts go on the left and the happy things on the right and there's a little corner saved just for you 

Please let me know if you change your mind cause inside I'm falling and I need you to pull me out of this decline I realise how hard on you this must seem but trust me when I say its far, far worse for me 

Please, please be here for me dear cause I've never needed a friend more and I cant stress enough how much it means to me that you're trying and I don't mind if you can't hold me like you used to cause I've never hated myself more but this is just a bump in the road and I promise I'm trying 

Give me a moment to get my cards in line cause I'm still trying to figure out in what kind of order I should set them out if there was a way to explain everything without a word i'd have a full house right now without a doubt 

I'm trying to tear the wool from your eyes but a part of me wants to let you be cause then you wouldn't see what I've become i'm trying to shout but no sound comes out it's like we're in a dream state but I should've woken up, woken up by now 

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